“Cassidy’s Gentleman”

Romance blooms when Eastern gentleman Thornton Steele moves to his Texas ranch and meets independent and unladylike Cassidy Hart.

Exciting News!

My new book, “Cassidy’s Gentleman” will be out soon. The tentative release date is Nov. 9th.

Here is a snippet.

“Cassidy, you are something special and here in this moonlight, I can hardly resist—”

   Thorne reached for her. The feel of his strong arms wrapping around her waist overwhelmed Cassidy. As he drew her body closer to his, she felt the pounding of her heart and the rush of his breath on her face. He leaned down to meet her lips. She wanted to run but felt frozen in the moment. Delicately his lips touched hers, she quivered, he drew back and their eyes locked. Cassidy read the hungry passion in his eyes, she felt the tenderness of his touch as he cupped her face with his hands. Gently he drew her face toward his and she felt his lips firmly on hers.

   Thorne deepened his kiss and Cassidy tried to pull away, but he grasped the back of her head, again claiming her with his lips. Cassidy’s inhibitions fled as she was consumed by his kiss. Weaving her fingers through his thick, black hair, she welcomed his lips. Passion sparked through every part of her body. Cassidy experienced sensations she had never known before,tingling, burning shocks like lightning surged urging her on, but to what? Passion muddled her thoughts and her feelings frightened her. Breaking away, she lightly touched Thorne’s lips with her tender fingertips.

“Wait, Thorne, please wait.”

Note: Cassidy’s Gentleman includes sexual scenes and spankings. If you are offended by this content, please do not buy this book

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