“Cassidy’s Gentleman”

“Cassidy Hart, have you taken leave of your senses?”

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 I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback I am getting from “Cassidy’s Gentleman” Here is another snippet.

“Thorne took Cassidy’s plate and loaded it with mashed potatoes, peas, corn on the cob,
and chicken. He placed the plate in front of her and added a couple of biscuits.
Cassidy’s eyes widened when she saw the enormity of food he expected her to eat. Next
Thorne served himself and sat down.
“Shall we say grace?”
They bowed their heads and prayed. Cassidy almost felt guilty about what she planned to
Cassidy crept her foot over to the chair next to her and scooted it away from the table,
leaving a wider avenue of escape. She watched as Thorne placed a fork full of food in his mouth.
“Eat, Cassidy.”
Shooting him another weak smile she took a bite of a biscuit.
“Good girl,” Thorne said as he turned his attention back to his plate.
Okay, Cassidy thought to herself, if you are going through with this you better do it now.
Cassidy scooped up a spoonful of warm, creamy mashed potatoes and looked at Thorne,
he was distracted by his meal. She used the spoon as a catapult. Splat. A glob of warm mashed
potatoes slapped his right cheek.
“What the—”
Splat! A second glob struck his forehead, spreading tentacles to his hair.
Cassidy cackled.
“Cassidy Hart, have you taken leave of your senses?”
Thorne mopped his face with his napkin, spreading the mashed potatoes till they covered
the side of his cheek and forehead.
Cassidy shrieked with laughter as the large man rose from his chair. Glad for an open
escape route, Cassidy sprang to her feet, flung a handful of peas at Thorne then made her

Note: Cassidy’s Gentleman includes sexual scenes and spankings. If you are offended by this content, please do not buy this book.


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“Cassidy’s Gentleman” a Wild West Romance Adventure

“No, Tillie, please,” Cassidy shrieked. “He has lost his mind.”
a snippet from my new release “Cassidy’s Gentleman” A Wild West Adventure

“Get back, Thorne, I’m warning you.” Cassidy picked up a vase and held it up.

“Do not threaten me, little girl. If you throw that vase you are only adding to your


The vase whizzed by Thorne and smashed on the opposite wall.

Thorne grabbed Cassidy by the elbow.

“Now, Cassidy, I am going to teach you not to be an ungrateful foul-mouthed brat.”

“Let me go, you overgrown ox, I warn you, you better let me go or you will be sorry!”

“No, little girl, I am sure you are the only one who will be sorry.”

Thorne pulled Cassidy toward the study.

“What is going on in here? We heard a crash!”

“Tillie, you and Gus go back to what you were doing, Cassidy and I are going to have a

discussion in the study.”

“No, Tillie, please,” Cassidy shrieked. “He has lost his mind.”

“Cassidy, why are you afraid of Mr. Thorne?”

“I will tell you why, Tillie, she is afraid because Mr. Thorne has had enough of her bratty

behavior and he is going to spank her backside till it glows crimson red.”

Tillie gasped.

“Let’s go Tillie, this ain’t none of our affair,” added Gus.

Tillie gave Cassidy a painful smile and walked away.

“No, Tillie, please don’t—”

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Cassidy’s Gentleman: A Wild West Romantic Adventure

Check out my newest release “Cassidy’s Gentleman” !

Cassidy’s Gentleman

Texas in the 1880s was no place for a tenderfoot. Thornton Steele is a gentleman from the East, but he came to run a ranch, and he has the strength and determination to do so. He dreams of starting a new life, free of the strictures of his traditional Maryland family, and he is ready and willing to take on whatever barriers are put in his way. The lawless West of the time provides those barriers in plenty. 

Cassidy Hart, a Texas native, shares that dream of starting her life over in another place, but she, by her own account, is no lady. Daughter of an unwed mother, she takes care of herself the best she can in the same little town where she was born, even though the wide-open sky is the only roof she can call her own. She is tough, because she has to be, but sensitive, because that’s the way her mother raised her before dying young. 

The gentleman and the not-quite lady are thrown together by circumstance, and the attraction is instantaneous. Still, Cassidy cannot help but doubt the Easterner’s sincerity, and pushes back, even as she is drawn to his strength, charm, and good looks. 

Thornton, being a man who knows what he wants, wastes no time attempting to prove his love and concern for Cassidy’s well being. Oftentimes, however, to Cassidy’s chagrin, he demonstrates that concern with his strict hand on her bare bottom. 

That, of course, is not the end of the lesson, and Cassidy soon learns to look forward to the soft caresses and kisses that follow a session over the big man’s lap. 

Cassidy’s Gentleman is a story of love and fun, intrigue and violence in the scarcely tamed West. It also is a true romance, with plenty of loving domestic discipline in the form of spanking. 

Publisher’s Note: Cassidy’s Gentleman is a romance novel that contains descriptions of sex and of domestic discipline in the form of bare-bottom spanking and paddling. If such subject matter offends you, please do not read this book

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“Cassidy’s Gentleman”

Romance blooms when Eastern gentleman Thornton Steele moves to his Texas ranch and meets independent and unladylike Cassidy Hart.

Exciting News!

My new book, “Cassidy’s Gentleman” will be out soon. The tentative release date is Nov. 9th.

Here is a snippet.

“Cassidy, you are something special and here in this moonlight, I can hardly resist—”

   Thorne reached for her. The feel of his strong arms wrapping around her waist overwhelmed Cassidy. As he drew her body closer to his, she felt the pounding of her heart and the rush of his breath on her face. He leaned down to meet her lips. She wanted to run but felt frozen in the moment. Delicately his lips touched hers, she quivered, he drew back and their eyes locked. Cassidy read the hungry passion in his eyes, she felt the tenderness of his touch as he cupped her face with his hands. Gently he drew her face toward his and she felt his lips firmly on hers.

   Thorne deepened his kiss and Cassidy tried to pull away, but he grasped the back of her head, again claiming her with his lips. Cassidy’s inhibitions fled as she was consumed by his kiss. Weaving her fingers through his thick, black hair, she welcomed his lips. Passion sparked through every part of her body. Cassidy experienced sensations she had never known before,tingling, burning shocks like lightning surged urging her on, but to what? Passion muddled her thoughts and her feelings frightened her. Breaking away, she lightly touched Thorne’s lips with her tender fingertips.

“Wait, Thorne, please wait.”

Note: Cassidy’s Gentleman includes sexual scenes and spankings. If you are offended by this content, please do not buy this book