Spring’s first spanking from “The Sheriff takes a Bride”

How bad could a spanking be anyway?

Here is another snippet from “The Sheriff takes a Bride”

How bad could a spanking be anyway?She was tough and Zeke loved her, surely he would not
be harsh to her. “Zeke,” Spring said, “I love you and want to be your wife, so yes, I accept to live as
you wish and you can correct me when you see fit.”
“Good.” Zeke smiled then he reached for her and kissed her softly. “I wanted you to know that
I will be resigning as Sheriff of Harmony as soon as we resolve the raider problem and if you wish we
can build this ranch together.”
“Oh Zeke!” she beamed. “Of course I want to run a ranch with you!”
“Great,” Zeke exclaimed. “I have decided it would be better to take care of your spanking
tonight. I know that it’s not the best way to end this wonderful night, but I have put it off too long.”
“What?” Spring was shocked. She had not considered he would want to spank her tonight.
“But… but… Zeke,” she stammered.
“Come on, honey. You agreed. Let’s go to the barn, it will be more private.” Zeke reached out
and grabbed her hand, she quickly drew it back.
“Oh Spring don’t make it more difficult on yourself, fighting only gets you more swats and so
does cursing, by the way.”
“Zeke,” Spring was desperate. “I… I do want to marry you and I did agree… but… but not now,
“Sorry darlin’, but you don’t decide.” He tried once again to take her hand but she pulled it
back. “Well, I guess we will have to do this the hard way.”
Before she knew it Spring was hanging over Zeke’s shoulder.

Note: The Sheriff takes a Bride includes sexual scenes and spankings. If you are offended by this content, please do not buy this book

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