Welcome to my blog!- Tess Matthews Romance

“Look, young lady, I ain’t playing games here.”

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog. If you enjoy a sweet romance with some loving discipline check out my first book, The Sheriff takes a Bride.

Here is a snippet from, “The Sheriff takes a Bride.”
“Look, young lady, I ain’t playing games here. Those men are a mean bunch. They have burned
down homes, stolen valuable items and have beaten men nearly to death. They haven’t killed yet, but I
expect that is next and I don’t want that to happen to you and your grandfather. Do I make myself
clear? Do not leave town without my say so, do you understand, brat?”
Spring gave a slow nod. “I understand,” she replied.
Zeke thought he saw fear in her eyes. He wanted her to be afraid of what he had said, but he did
not want her to fear him.
“I just want you to be safe,” he said softly as he gazed into her blue eyes.
Something stirred deep inside him as he looked into those eyes, he was not sure what it was
and wondered if she had felt it too. In a very short time Spring Jamison had become important to him
and for the life of him he could not understand why.”

Note: The Sheriff takes a Bride includes sexual scenes and spankings. If you are offended by this content, please do not buy this book.



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